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We offer a full range of financial and protection services. See below for some of our most popular.


Financial Planning

We all have goals, dreams, ambitions for the future, for ourselves and our families, but how do we achieve them?

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Retirement Planning

When you retire you still need food and shelter as an absolute minimum, but of course you will want to maintain the lifestyle to which you have become...

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Mortgages are loans which are intended to help buyers purchase residential and commercial property.

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Savings & Investments

Often, people save for a specific reason and it's usually the safest way to build up a pot of money.

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It is quite natural for most people to want to make sure their families (and themselves) are going to be financially secure in the event of loss of income,...

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Financial Advisers Located in Scotland.

Welcome to Orchard Independent Ltd

Our understanding of your current financial situation is the keystone to the formulation of a financial plan which will meet your future needs. Many people have goals and dreams, but a goal without a plan is just a wish... an achievable goal is a dream with a deadline.

So it all starts with listening. We listen to your needs, your hopes, your dreams, and we formulate a plan, which enables us to offer you clear, no-jargon advice on the most appropriate financial products for your personal circumstances.

This is the start of our journey together, to prepare the plan to meet your goals, to ensure that you, your family and your assets are protected, and to help you build a brighter, more secure future.

Call us today on 0131 620 6202 or email us at info@orchardindependent.co.uk and we'll be pleased to help you.


Here's how we formulate
the plan towards Your Goals

Many people have goals and dreams, but a goal without a plan
is just a wish... an achievable goal is a dream with a deadline.

Our Plan
For You

About You

We meet together to discuss your personal circumstances and your current financial situation.

Your Goals & Ambitions

Next we discuss your objectives and your aspirations, as well as any concerns that may arise.


We'll discuss with you our analysis of your current financial position, and outline our initial thoughts for the plan.

How to get there

So now we know where you are and where you want to be. In this phase we present your Personal Financial Plan.


It's time to implement the plan. Every course of action we have recommended and agreed with you is now put into motion.

Review the Plan & Progress Updates

If required, review dates will be agreed and can take place annually or more regularly if required or requested.

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0131 620 6202
12 Dalziel Place
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